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VIDEO: Companie israeliană inventează o dronă care colectează fructe

Culesul fructelor este un alt domeniu în care oamenii pot fi înlocuiţi de roboţi. Compania israeliană Tevel Aerobotics Technologies a produs o tehnologie care ar permite unor drone speciale să recolteze fructele din livezi. Tehnologia presupune combinarea unor platforme de drone cu algoritmi sofisticaţi, astfel încât acestea să poată alege şi culege fructele din livadă şi să […]

Airdrop = A lo-tech air harvester aims to alleviate the effect of drought on agriculture

Airdrop = A lo-tech air harvester aims to alleviate the effect of drought on agriculture Dependent on regional agriculture for sustenance and economic security, rural communities are often the hardest hit by droughts. Following a twelve-year spell in southeastern Australia’s Murray Darling basin, Edward Linnacre saw the need for a lo-tech solution to maintain agriculture in particularly arid climates. The Swinburne University of Technology student created the Airdrop, an […]

Retete de sapun pe baza de glicerina

Sapun lichid din glicerina The glycerin byproduct from a biodiesel reaction will contain almost 100% of the catalyst used in the biodiesel reaction. Therefore, the glycerin and lye or KOH have already formed soap by the time the glycerin is drained from the biodiesel reaction container. The liquid or gelatinous glycerin soap is good for […]

Oferta de sapun de la Fat Bottom Farm

Our soaps are handcrafted natural soaps, made in small batches using the cold-process method. Our recipes are carefully researched, then tested thoroughly on family, friends, children, and co-workers; NEVER on animals! We use vegetable oils, beeswax, high-quality fragrances and essential oils, with botanical ingredients in every bar. Not to mention, of course, our own creamy […]