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The Best Chicken Coop – The Reverse Wichita Cabin Coop – A chicken coop designed for 5-6 chickens. It features 3 nesting boxes and 2 roosting bars in the main shelter, along with a chicken door that can be opened-closed from outside of the chicken coop.

Outside of the main shelter is a small yard for the hens to scratch around in. A large door on the front of the shelter provides easy access into the chicken coop for cleaning, and the yard area is large enough for an adult to stand in without needing to bend over. Above the nesting boxes is a lift-up lid that allows for egg gathering without the need to enter into the chicken coop. The is probably the best chicken coop for anyone that is interested in raising just several hens for egg production.

This is my version of the Wichita Cabin Coop as seen at BackyardChickens dot com. For more details and construction tips, visit our website at:

Despre Proiectele Mele

„Daca te faci oaie se gaseste cine sa te despoaie!” Proverb romanesc

our_projects_bannerSe stie ca daca nu iti planifici activitatea si viata vei fi ca o frunza-n vant, doar ajutandu-i pe altii sa-si implineasca proiectele si viata.

De aceea am infiintat un site de mare ajutor pentru pornirea si administrarea propriilor proiecte. Se numeste Va invitam sa-l vizitati si sa va implicati in a-l folosi la maximum!

Reparatii la terasele hidroizolate cu membrane bituminoase

Pentru terasele de bloc sau de birouri acoperite cu membrane bituminoase cele mai potrivite produse de reparatii sunt IMPERMIX PU. Aveti garantii adevarate de 10-35 de ani. Practic sunt inerte la influentele de mediu iar durata lor de viata este nelimitata.

Programati-va acum interventia pe terase. La toamna sau la iarna poate fi prea tarziu.

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