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The Best Chicken Coop – The Reverse Wichita Cabin Coop – A chicken coop designed for 5-6 chickens. It features 3 nesting boxes and 2 roosting bars in the main shelter, along with a chicken door that can be opened-closed from outside of the chicken coop.

Outside of the main shelter is a small yard for the hens to scratch around in. A large door on the front of the shelter provides easy access into the chicken coop for cleaning, and the yard area is large enough for an adult to stand in without needing to bend over. Above the nesting boxes is a lift-up lid that allows for egg gathering without the need to enter into the chicken coop. The is probably the best chicken coop for anyone that is interested in raising just several hens for egg production.

This is my version of the Wichita Cabin Coop as seen at BackyardChickens dot com. For more details and construction tips, visit our website at:

Termoizolaţii Perfecte

Tot ce aveţi nevoie pentru o protecţie termică potrivită pentru dvs. Confort termic. Rezolvam punti termice si condens.

Fundaţii, Subsoluri / Demisoluri, Beciuri / Pivniţe

Soluţii garantate performante de hidroizolaţii şi termoizolaţii nu doar produse. Impermeabilizari 100% de betoane, sape si tencuieli. Garantii de 10-50 de ani. Pardoseli. Solutii anti-condens, anti-mucegai, anti-igrasie.

Hidroizolare balcoane, terase, trotuare, băi şi bucătării

Soluţii garantate performante de hidroizolaţii şi termoizolaţii pentru balcoane si terase.Hidroizolare Perfecta la terase si balcoane. Garantii si de 100 de ani.

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